our approach and philosophy

Over the years, we have been dedicated to building a network of corporate partners for the benefit of our ecosystem. By nurturing such partnerships and relationships, our portfolio investments can  profit from tools, resources, and solutions all in place to maximize your business’ full potential.

Holt’s proven methodology


We have developed and honed a proven research model. First, we identify 10 verticals to fit into four categories (I AM, I SAVE, I BORROW, I’M PROTECTED). We study key sub-verticals and identify forces, trends, and stakeholders by leveraging the collective experience from our Advisory army, and segment our database of  10K companies into these sub-verticals to assess market competitiveness.


We track 10K fintechs globally, and leverage hundreds of advisors in a due diligence process and sift through millions of data points to identify the companies we deem best-suited to partner with. The next step is to engage our top advisors and startups, ranking and targeting the most relevant companies to gain more insight during the application and interview process. We then invite financial institutions to review the top-rated applications thus giving us better alignment. Results are amalgamated and shared for alignment.


Our partners gain attention and visibility in myriad ways, whether it be by inviting thought leaders to share their perspectives and ideas or hosting world-class events that invite speakers from different areas of the industry. These are just some of the ways we build and nourish a community. Our ultimate goal is to encourage FinTech businesses and entrepreneurs we partner with to get the recognition they merit.



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For the 4th consecutive year, we have provided Fairstone Financial Inc., Canada’s largest non-bank provider of responsible consumer lending solutions, with opportunities by connecting them with early-stage fintech solutions locally and internationally through our Holt Selection Days. Our goal is to help build innovative ideas, products, and services to ultimately life our ecosystem to new heights.

“Digital technology continues to bring major shifts to financial services and provides new approaches to the customer relationship. Through our involvement with Holt Xchange and their program participants, we can partner with talent from across the globe to develop new customer experiences and approaches that reinforce our position as the leading near-prime lender in Canada.”

François Côté

Chief Digital Officer at Fairstone

Other success stories

Prioritizing the protection of sensitive data and information, Fairstone Financial Inc. and recently joined forces after a rigorous selection process. Fairstone is using OWL’s KYC solution

“They are amazing matchmakers, helping with our digital transformation, & are building the best global ecosystem.”

Anne – VP KPI


We have built and continue to foster a strong network of community partners, creating allies with industry leaders, non-profits, charitable organizations and beyond. This shared support system means all parties mutually benefit and uplift one another, creating a supportive community.